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Classroom Use

See how easy it is to manage your favorite
web resources for your students.

  • ✓ Easy to create quizzes.
  • ✓ Free account for each student.
  • ✓ One low monthly price per teacher.
  • ✓ Reinforce Common Core standards.
  • ✓ Create unlimited puzzles and games.
  • ✓ Sign up today for your free 30 day trial.


School Wide Use

Class pages and games for every class
in your K8 school for one low price.

  • ✓ No excessive per student fees.
  • ✓ Provide safe searching for students.
  • ✓ Share web sites with other teachers.
  • ✓ Teachers can save hours every week.
  • ✓ Help teachers efficiently use the Internet.
  • ✓ Accounts for every staff member at your school.

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